“Your dream marriage isn't a fantasy. It's a formula, built on a foundation of faith.”

- Jasmine Taylor


About Unsinkable

Every marriage, no matter how loving and successful, goes through rough patches. However, when couples are equipped with tools to navigate through these trying times, they become an impenetrable force.

Unsinkable, written by Jasmine and Kamau Taylor, uses the analogy of a ship taking on water to illustrate how couples can keep their marriages afloat, even through the storms of life. Writing through a spiritual lens, the authors reference Bible scriptures to help couples restore and strengthen their faith in God and ultimately in each other. This interactive experience includes journal pages and reflection questions to get couples thinking and talking about the current state of their marriage. Activities also help them identify steps they can take to strengthen their bond.

Unsinkable reminds readers that the institution of marriage is sacred and worth fighting for. “Your dream marriage isn’t a fantasy. It’s a formula built on a foundation of faith.”

How Does It Work?


We Are So Glad You're Here!

You just joined the Unsinkable Love Challenge and we are incredibly proud of the step you're committing to take together, not only for you and your marriage but for your family.
"Small leaks sink big ships." The truth is ALL couples struggle, so let's check the #relationshipgoals image at the door. Whether you're experiencing small annoying leaks or feeling flooded by gaping holes of mistrust and even infidelity... whether you are facing a devastating blow or wanting to shore up your marriage to protect against future storms, Unsinkable is for you. #notperfectbutworthit #unsinkablelove

During this challenge couples commit to:

  1. Pray daily for 30 days
  2. Fast for 30 days
  3. Complete the 30-day devotional

Our prayer for your marriage:

Our prayer is that you will allow God into your heart and your marriage like never before. If you do, the challenges you are facing will not be your undoing. Instead, it will be the greatest comeback story of all times.

Meet Kamau & Jasmine

trainer head shots - kamau and jazz (5)

Kamau Taylor, MBA

trainer head shots - kamau and jazz (6)

Jasmine Taylor, MA

Jasmine and Kamau Taylor are passionate about helping couples build the relationships of their dreams. They broke off their engagement three times before a friend shared a relationship training that changed everything. Not only did it bring them back together, it lit a fire in them to want all couples to have access to the tools and knowledge they’d discovered. Jasmine is an ordained minister, and Kamau is an ordained deacon. Kamau holds an MBA and Jasmine holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Together, the couple also hold several certifications on key topics effecting couples including parenting, finance, communication, anger management, intimacy, trauma and blended families.

After 10 years of working with couples, they founded Mocha Marriage, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing relationship education to the African American community. Jasmine is also the creator of LoveLabOnline.com—an e-learning platform with online training for couples. From books and retreats to online courses and coaching, their mission is to ensure that all couples have access to the tools they need to build the marriage of their dreams.

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